September 3

62% Fall Off?

As I've been building our product, Clinic Gym Connect, I have been talking to a lot of different people who are

  • in different markets
  • who do a great job of reaching out to a community
  • and getting them to respond and buy

I see that this is the future of Clinic/Gym Hybrids, the ability to market to your community and get people to sign up for your gym and for your clinic through your marketing efforts.

This is also the big delineator between my most successful clients and those who weren't as successful.

The successful clients have a dedicated multichannel marketing experience.

We'll get into that later.

But as we're building this, I talked to a friend of mine named Ross. Now, you may have heard Ross on my podcast. We call him the King of webinars. He does all the tech for webinars for some very famous marketing people who make a million dollars worth of sales per webinar.

Ross himself is not the celebrity on the webinar, but he's making sure all the systems are working in the backend.

Ross is also a bloodhound about numbers as he dives into the results and data every time after every webinar to find out what's working and what's not.

He told me something surprising when I was talking to him a few months ago, and that was this.

If people raise their hand as they're interested, whether responding to a Facebook ad or saying that they want to buy on a webinar, Ross's group saw

62% fall off in their sales if they waited more than five minutes to respond to that person.

Now think about that for a second. Five minutes is almost nothing.

And if you've ever tried to do follow-up sequences or callbacks, five minutes is lightning fast. Unbelievable.

And yet Ross was saying that they found that that was a big delineator.

So what he developed and helped us develop in our program is a method to use some automation to respond right away when somebody responds to

– a Facebook ad about a challenge that you're running
– or an offer for a golf assessment.

And we learned this from him, but

  1. If you can, use some automations to respond right away and give the person some feeling that you're paying attention,
  2. Then transfer that into a two-way text conversation like you would have with any other person on your contact list.

It's a seamless transition that helps resist that 62% fall off.

Because 62% means you're making less than half of the sales as if you would by following up immediately.

Right now I would look at your marketing and think, what would happen if you just responded quicker to these people?

If you called people back in the morning or within five minutes of them checking out your office online?

I know that I get frustrated many, many times per week about companies that simply don't follow up or only do it four days later.

We had to board our dog for a week while we went on vacation and I called and I got a call back from the company nine days later. Nine days later.

We'd already made a decision and the decision was to not go with them.

So, in your own business, what would change if you just followed up faster and kept it in that five minutes?

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