September 17

1 Turned Into 43

It's incredible how we underestimate talking to people.

We were running workshops, and the best workshop we had was talking to female golfers who were members of country clubs.

We had one scheduled for a Saturday.

Well, when Monday rolled around, we had one person registered for it and we were less than a week out.

But we put together a really good presentation. We had really good information. We had a bunch of exercise that was really good.

We knew we had the right product. We knew how we wanted to upsell them afterwards, or make an offer to them. I knew it was good.

So I was, “Oh crap, what do we do?”

Well, we went old school. I made a list and I started making phone calls.

I was just talking to people and letting them know what a great workshop we put together.

And by Tuesday afternoon, we'd gone from one person registered to 27 registered. And over the next two days after people called me back and we sent some text messages and we got up to 43 people registered.

There was a max of 40 allowed. But we just had so many people come back and call that we just let them all in.

And it all happened in three days of using the phones and texting. I wanted to communicate the value very quickly and the phone works very well for that.

I can't stress this enough: do not underestimate the power that your phone and text messaging has. If you're confident in your product, sometimes all you need to do is to call.

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