Sports and Rehab Chiropractor Dr. Jen Reiner-Marcello

Published on - August 28, 2018

Dr. Jen Reiner-Marcello (aka Dr. Jen) is a kick-ass sports and rehab Chiropractor now based in Florida. She spent many years running the rehab for a string of 6 San-Diego based gyms, including the world-famous Fitness Quest 10, founded by Todd Durkin.

Dr. Jen has also helped the San Diego Padres with rehab, and she tells all about her incredible journey in this episode. It’s an inspiring story with many little gold nuggets for old and young doctors to listen to.

BTW- Dr. Jen is the “better” half to Brandon Marcello, a recent guest, and together they evaluate athletes and teams in the high-performance space. She’s has seen every angle of sports.