An Evidence Based Approach  to Grow Your Practice
(without feeling like a cheesy or sleazy salesperson)

Wednesday, July 25th, 3:00 PM Pacific Time

If you are a Chiropractor who believes in evidence rather than unicorns, and you’re trying to build your practice to create freedom in your life, then this webinar is for you!

In this 60 Minute LIVE Webinar, we will cover:

  • The exact method to approach MD’s in your area for referrals
  • A proven strategy to develop long-term patient relationship (years, not weeks)
  • 2 distinct methods to become the #1 expert in your area for patients with low back pain
  • How to capture ALL of the patients- and collections- that are walking out the door
  • An easy way to eliminate “competition” in your area and have a full and thriving practice
  • A proven method to increase your TIME OFF without losing money


Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid

of the Evidence Based Chiropractor

As an author, speaker, and founder, Dr. Jeff Langmaid is dedicated to helping chiropractors achieve more in practice.

Dr. Josh Satterlee

of Clinic/Gym Hybrid Solutions

Dr. Josh Satterlee has successfully developed, run, and sold a model of Chiropractic, Movement Systems, and Gym that is on the cutting edge of patient care.

This webinar will present the proven EVIDENCE to building your practice with patients who appreciate you as an EXPERT. You’ll learn how to create an almost unlimited stream of quality new patients, and a method for keeping them for years to come without any “High-Pressure” sales methods.

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